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Savings and Investment Planning

Dissatisfied with his current financial adviser, Mr R approached us to review his investment portfolio.


Mr R approached us as he was dissatisfied with the service he was receiving from his current financial adviser.

He wasn’t receiving a good level of service with regard to communication and regular updates on his portfolio, and he felt his investment portfolio could be managed better.

What did we do?

We met with Mr R and explained how we work and the importance we put on our client relationships being successful working partnerships. We recognise how important it is to understand what our clients want to achieve or work towards.

We carried out an in depth review of Mr R’s financial position including his current investments and his plans for the future. We then prepared a proposal for Mr R on how QED would manage his investments and improve tax efficiency for him.

The results

Following our discussions with Mr R, he decided to move his investments to QED’s management.

We put our investment plan into practice and Mr R is very pleased with our proactive approach to his funds. We regularly meet with him to have progress meetings and make sure our management strategy still meets his needs. 

Mr R felt he just wasn’t receiving the level of service he was paying for, and now he feels better informed and in control of his finances with our help.

I approached Wayne Harper of QED just over a couple of years ago as I had become very dissatisfied with HSBC as my financial advisors. Following a thorough review he set out a strategy to reduce my investment costs, improve tax efficiency and enhance the investment performance through a more active approach. We have had meetings on a regular basis to review the progress of the agreed financial plan. Despite the recent difficulties of stock market performance my investment portfolio has weathered everything and I am extremely satisfied with QED. They are friendly but professional and also knowledgeable with the way advice is presented and I recommend them.

Mr R, Sheffield

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