Honest and independent investment advice.

Choosing a savings or investment vehicle can be daunting and confusing to say the least. At QED Financial Associates Ltd we aim to make this process easy and as simple as possible.

We will clearly explain your options, whilst taking great care and consideration. We will also discuss what you would like to do with your money and more importantly when you may want to spend it. We will discuss with you tax efficient savings and investments that enable you to pay very little or no tax at all.

As part of our service we will complete a risk profiling assessment in order to ascertain how much risk you are prepared to accept. We can also look at your existing savings and investments and let you know how they are performing against their peers.

If you have some money that you would like to invest over the short, medium or longer term, we have the expertise and knowledge to help you choose a path that is most suitable for you. Whatever the amount, large or small, there is a savings or investment solution to suit you.

If IHT (Inheritance Tax) is a worry, we can help you and your family with IHT planning so that your loved ones will benefit from your hard work once you have passed away.

Please note that the value of some investments can go down as well as up and you may not get back as much as you put in.

Stocks & Shares ISA’s (Individual Savings Account)

ISAs allow you to save for your future in a tax efficient manner. Our advisers can assist you to find the right ISA for your needs.

OEICs (Open Ended Investment Companies) & Unit Trusts

Unit trusts and Open-Ended Investment Companies (OEICs) are professionally managed collective investment funds. Managers pool money from many investors and buy shares, bonds, property or cash assets and other investments. QED can help you find the right product to meet with your unique circumstances.

Onshore Bonds

With an investment bond, you invest a lump sum in one or more of the range of available funds. Some investment bonds run for a fixed term, others have no set investment term.

Other Services

  • SIPS (Share Incentive Plans)
  • Investment Trusts
  • National Savings & Investments
  • Mutual Funds
  • Junior ISAs
  • Guaranteed Funds

We first met Wayne in early 1992. He immediately impressed with his financial awareness and, as a result, we changed direction with our savings at that first meeting which proved to be most beneficial. 

When Wayne became an I.F.A. we asked him to take on responsibility for our investments. Our instinct proved to be well founded as we have seen our capital steadily grow.

The ‘credit crunch’ has affected most, if not all, investors. We are pleased to say, however, that as a result of Wayne’s prudence, the financial downturn has affected us minimally.

Mr. and Mrs. R, Derbyshire

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