Inheritance Tax planning for your loved ones and beneficiaries

QED can assist and advise you about your potential ITH liabilities. We can put a plan in place so that your beneficiaries and/or loved ones are not overly burdened after your death with a huge inheritance tax bill.

Planning ahead allows you to clearly set out how your estate will be dealt with after your death. You can maximise Inheritance Tax reliefs and exemptions if your estate is worth more than the Inheritance Tax threshold.

If IHT (Inheritance Tax) is a worry, we can help you and your family with IHT planning so that your loved ones will benefit from your hard work once you have passed away.

QED can support you with the right planning to make sure that your surviving loved ones are not burdened by a huge inheritance tax bill in the event of your death.

Our advisers can give you advice on strategies which can help reduce the tax associated with your estate.

If you’d like any further information or wish to discuss with us how your estate may be affected by Inheritance Tax please get in touch.

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